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6000 Daily Use English Sentences (Part 2) | Download PDF

6000 Daily Use English Sentences (Part 2) | Download PDF
Written by Abdul

Hello learners, welcome back! Today we are going to learn 6,000 daily-use English sentences. You heard right, these sentences are very useful for beginners who are trying to improve their communication and language skills. This is the second part of our series (Part 1) which mainly aims to make learning English more enjoyable and easy. These sentences we use in our daily lives—let’s make them useful for your learning direction. Start reading, and be sure to hit the PDF button below to save these sentences for later use. Learning English with these common sentences effectively enhances your communication skills and boosts your confidence in discussions. Let us begin our lesson to make language learning entertaining and effortless!

Daily Use English Sentences

  • He is not wealthy.
  • She looked at me with disdain.
  • He hasn’t put anything down.
  • He chose not to write.
  • He gave up everything.
  • He was required to obey.
  • He bravely took action.
  • She informed me.
  • He cleared the exam in 1980.
  • Teachers go in second class.
  • He enjoys gambling.
  • She has a smiling face.
  • A road runs in front of the school.
  • He has passed away.
  • Aslam brought a teacup.
  • The assembly is underway.
  • He lacks English speaking skills.
  • Don’t take offense.
  • He’s in intense pain.
  • He isn’t thirsty.
  • He journeyed for thousands of miles.
  • He must cook the food himself.
  • He resolved my issues through conversation.
  • He doesn’t have a home.
  • He ought to have told the truth.
  • He requires assistance.
  • He caught a cold.
  • She shouldn’t have felt jealous.
  • He will need to pay a penalty.
  • Aslam isn’t as quick a runner as Hameed.
  • The teacher stated the earth is round.
  • He received his salary in cash.
  • He has more silver than gold.
  • He requires some pens.
  • He loves playing tennis.
  • He’s compelled to beg.
  • He doesn’t have to beg.
  • She has diarrhea.
  • He lacks teaching skills.
  • He shouldn’t have lied.

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6000 Daily Use English Sentences (Part 2) | Download PDF

1000 Daily Used Sentences PDF

Daily Use English Sentences

  • He excels in cooking.
  • Singing is her hobby.
  • He owns a vehicle.
  • She requires some relaxation.
  • Photography is his passion.
  • She possesses a feline companion.
  • Watching movies is his pastime.
  • Painting is her forte.
  • He lacks pens.
  • She has a canine companion.
  • They must put in effort.
  • He’ll face consequences.
  • He has a drinking habit.
  • He’s romantically involved.
  • He became upset.
  • He might need to begin immediately.
  • He possesses sufficient funds.
  • This exceeds the limit.
  • He lacks sugar.
  • He requires sugar.
  • She has food available for consumption.
  • He received a prize yesterday.
  • He owns a canine.
  • What does he need to write?
  • He doesn’t sense the warmth.
  • He perceives the cold.
  • He possesses a pen for writing.
  • Grip it firmly.
  • Playing football is his hobby.
  • He owns an ample number of books.
  • Hassan was a renowned poet.
  • Reading books is his favorite activity.
  • Repenting is futile.
  • Regret is expressed.
  • Earth covered him.
  • He receives a hefty salary.
  • Ali isn’t wealthy, right?
  • Lucy caused my tears.
  • He loves music.
  • He experiences slight pain.

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6000 Daily Use English Sentences (Part 2) | Download PDF

English Sentences for Daily Life

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