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6000 Daily Use Basic English Sentences (Part 6) | PDF

6000 Daily Use Basic English Sentences (Part 6) | Download PDF
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This lesson will teach you the 6000 daily use of basic English sentences. This is Part 6 of our daily use sentences series, English sentences are imperative since they allow us to communicate, understand, and share thoughts. In our daily lives, sentences help us express our feelings and thoughts. Furthermore, as we read, sentences help us learn new things. They serve as the basic parts of communication. Thus, the ability to compose good sentences is quite important. You should study these regular English sentence usage in English Part 6 and use them in your regular discussions.

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Daily Use Basic English Sentences _ 1

  • Is it possible for prices to decrease?
  • Do you think he should swim?
  • Is Akram able to swim?
  • What subjects do you discuss?
  • Are you crazy?
  • Do you want to have a drink?
  • To feel the need for sleep.
  • Should I put the thread in the needle?
  • Figuring out what to do is a problem.
  • Are there any plans for tomorrow?
  • Can you do me a favor?
  • Can you give me some of your time?
  • Is it okay if I come in?
  • Am I allowed to leave?
  • It’s almost unnecessary to mention.
  • Not anywhere else.
  • To start an account.
  • To present the dish.
  • Food and clothing.
  • To eat food.
  • There is some food available to eat.
  • Is unable to eat.
  • Shut the window.
  • The fields have been plowed.
  • The play is happening.
  • Playing is beneficial.
  • Did he write a letter?
  • Has he written a letter?
  • Are you going to be late?
  • Can I meet you tomorrow?
  • Am I allowed to turn on the radio?
  • Is it okay if I smoke here?
  • It’s unclear what should not be done.
  • Are they not playing?
  • Were they sick?
  • Is he unable to swim?
  • Is he capable of lying?
  • Was he a thief?
  • Is it possible for him to be a thief?
  • Is he going to write a letter?
6000 Daily Use Basic English Sentences (Part 6) | Download PDF

Daily Use Basic English Sentences

Daily Use Basic English Sentences _ 2

  • Is she able to run?
  • Is she counting the coins?
  • Are they not wealthy?
  • Is he currently playing?
  • Does he engage in writing?
  • Is she of tall stature?
  • Do they consume fish?
  • Is he employed as a teacher?
  • Does it serve any purpose for you?
  • Would you like a cup?
  • Do you regularly wind your watch?
  • Are you aware of his honesty?
  • Are you aware that he is sick?
  • Do you know the reason for his sadness?
  • Are you aware of his place of residence?
  • Are you seeking mental peace?
  • I use a pen for writing.
  • I’m planning to purchase a vehicle.
  • I will continue writing.
  • I prefer not to have disorder.
  • To refuse.
  • I made Alex laugh.
  • I’m aware of all the details.
  • I informed him.
  • I conversed with him.
  • I selected a nice gift for him.
  • I scolded the child for lying.
  • I probably left it on the train.
  • Is your watch running fast?
  • Do you have a watch with you?
  • Do you know how to read the time?
  • Will you sing for us?
  • Should we consider getting married?
  • Can you give me a mango?
  • Shall we take a walk together?
  • Shall we dance together?
  • Would you mind buying me a pen?
  • Could you wait here?
  • Do you aspire to be successful?
  • What a great idea!
6000 Daily Use Basic English Sentences (Part 6) | Download PDF

Basic English Sentences for Daily Use

Daily Use Basic English Sentences _ 3

  • What’s that?
  • That’s so mischievous!
  • The journey was made by road.
  • A polite response was given.
  • The rickshaw fare was paid by the day.
  • Neither did I buy a car nor can I.
  • Hourly wages were paid.
  • A pen was purchased for writing.
  • The attendant was asked to bring a chair.
  • The airplane takeoff was observed.
  • This letter was written in red ink.
  • It was heard with my own ears.
  • These mangoes were distributed.
  • It was witnessed with my own eyes.
  • A magazine for children was purchased.
  • The cat sat on the mat.
  • It was read in some books.
  • The examination was taken.
  • He was invited for tea.
  • A sweet dream was had.
  • A cow was bought for Rs.300.
  • Wishing you a long life.
  • He was taught.
  • An enormous profit was earned.
  • Lunch was had on the train.
  • This is the best book ever written.
  • The letter was sent by post.
  • John was informed.
  • Everything was placed before him.
  • A letter was written to him by me.
  • He was defeated by me.
  • He was beaten by me.
  • I sent a letter to John.
  • He was spotted by me.
  • Reading in bed is my habit.
  • That’s me.
  • I’ve lived here for five years.
  • Let’s have a chat.
  • I’ll see you tomorrow.
  • I’m thankful to you.
6000 Daily Use Basic English Sentences (Part 6) | Download PDF

6000 Daily Use Basic English Sentences

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