50 Most Commonly Used Prepositions in English with Usage

50 Most Commonly Used Prepositions! Learn the most commonly used Preposition words in English. In this lesson, we are going to learn the 50 most commonly used preposition words in English with usage and example sentences. Learn the entire lesson and enhance your English Grammar skills.

What is Preposition in English?

A preposition is a word that typically shows the relationship between two or more words in a sentence.

Usage of Preposition in English

Prepositions are used to indicate location, direction, time, manner, or other relationships within a sentence. They often establish connections between nouns, pronouns, and other elements in a sentence.

Common prepositions in English include “in,” “on,” “at,” “over,” “under,” “between,” “beside,” “near,” “above,” “below,” “through,” and many others.

Here are a few examples of how prepositions are used:

  1. Location: She is in the room. (The preposition “in” shows the location of the subject “she.”)
  2. Direction: He walked to the park. (The preposition “to” shows the direction of the action “walked.”)
  3. Time: We’ll meet at 3 PM. (The preposition “at” indicates the specific time of the meeting.)
  4. Manner: She sang with enthusiasm. (The preposition “with” describes the manner in which she sang.)
  5. Relationship: The book is on the table. (The preposition “on” indicates the relationship between the book and the table.)

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50 Commonly Used Prepositions

Here are 50 commonly used prepositions in English, along with examples of how to use them in sentences.

Preposition Usage Example
About Let’s talk about your plans.
Above The birds flew above.
Across She walked across the bridge.
After Dinner after the movie.
Against Leaned against the wall.
Along Strolled along the beach.
Amid Played amid the flowers.
Among Share among your friends.
Around Drove around the city.
Before Homework before TV.
Behind Cat hid behind the sofa.
Below Temperature below freezing.
Beneath Treasure beneath the tree.
Beside Sat beside my friend.
Between Sandwich between the plates.
Beyond Adventure beyond the mountains.
But I like everything but spinach.
By Written by Mark Twain.
Concerning Questions concerning the project.
During Rained during the concert.
Except Everyone came except John.
For This gift is for you.
From Flying from New York.
In The cat is in the box.
Inside Go inside the house.
Into Jumped into the pool.
Like She looks like her sister.
Near Store is near the park.
Of Pages of the book are torn.
Off Turn off the lights.
On The book is on the table.
Onto Don’t step onto the wet floor.
Out The cat went out the door.
Outside It’s raining outside.
Over Plane flew over the mountains.
Past Walked past the bakery.
Regarding Concerns regarding the project.
Round Sat in a circle.
Since Haven’t seen her since.
Through Road goes through the forest.
Throughout Consistent throughout the game.
To Going to the store.
Toward Walked toward the exit.
Under Keys are under the mat.
Until Wait until you’re ready.
Up Cat climbed up the tree.
Upon Placed the crown upon her head.
With Coffee with cream.
Within Answer is within reach.
Without Can’t do it without your help.

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50 Commonly Used Prepositions | Images

50 Most Commonly Used Prepositions in English with Usage
50 Most Commonly Used Prepositions in English with Usage
50 Most Commonly Used Prepositions in English with Usage
Prepositions in English with Usage
50 Most Commonly Used Prepositions in English with Usage
Commonly Used Prepositions in English with Usage

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