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300 Opposite Words in English with Meanings | Antonyms Words

300 Opposite Words in English with Meanings | Antonyms Words
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Learn 300 opposite words in English. In this article, we are going to learn 300 opposite words listed in English with their meanings. Opposite words are also known as Antonyms words in the English language.

What are Opposite Words?

Opposite words or antonyms are pairs of words that mean the opposite of each other.

For Example:

Words like “hot” and “cold,” “up” and “down,” “big” and “small,” or “fast” and “slow” are opposite words.

300 Opposite Words with Meanings

A comprehensive list of opposite words is an effective way to enhance vocabulary and language skills. This compilation of 300 opposite words provides a valuable resource for anyone looking to expand their linguistic horizons. From basic to advanced vocabulary, this table presents a diverse range of opposites, helping to promote a deeper understanding of language dynamics.

Word Opposite Meanings
Above Below Higher in position or value
Absent Present Not in a particular place or attending an event
Abundant Scarce Plentiful or existing in large quantities
Accept Reject To agree or take in versus refusing
Accurate Inaccurate Correct and precise versus not correct
Active Inactive Engaged in action versus not engaged
Add Subtract To combine or increase versus to take away
Afraid Brave Feeling fear versus showing courage
After Before Subsequent to in time or order versus prior to
Against For In opposition to versus in favor of
Agree Disagree To have the same opinion versus to have a different opinion
Alive Dead Living or having life versus not living
All None The whole quantity or extent versus not any
Always Never At all times or on all occasions versus not at any time
Ancient Modern Belonging to the very distant past versus the present or recent times
Angry Calm Having a strong feeling of or showing annoyance versus peaceful and undisturbed
Answer Question A response to a query versus an inquiry
Any None Some of a thing or number of things versus not any of a thing or number of things
Apart Together Separated by a distance in time or space versus in one group
Appear Disappear To come into sight or existence versus to vanish
Arrive Depart To reach a destination versus to leave a place
Articulate Inarticulate Able to express thoughts and ideas clearly versus unable to express oneself clearly
Ascend Descend To go up or climb versus to go down or come from a higher place
Attack Defend To aggressively challenge or confront versus to protect from harm
Average Exceptional Typical or common versus outstanding or unusual
Awful Wonderful Extremely bad or unpleasant versus extremely good or delightful
Back Front Positioned behind versus positioned in the foremost part
Bad Good Of poor quality or a low standard versus of high quality or a favorable character
Beautiful Ugly Pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically versus unpleasant to look at
Begin End To start or commence versus to conclude or finish
Best Worst Of the most excellent, effective, or desirable type versus of the poorest quality or the lowest standard
Better Worse Of a more excellent or effective type versus of poorer quality or a lower standard
Big Small Of considerable size or extent versus of a size that is less than average
Bitter Sweet Having a sharp, pungent taste versus having the pleasant taste characteristic of sugar or honey
Black White Of the darkest color versus the lightest color
Blunt Sharp Not having a sharp edge or point versus having a fine edge or point
Bold Timid Showing a willingness to take risks or be confident versus showing a lack of courage or confidence
Borrow Lend To take and use with the intention of returning versus to live temporarily on the condition that the same or its equivalent will be returned
Bottom Top The lowest point or part versus the highest point or part
Boy Girl A male child or young man versus a female child or young woman
Brave Cowardly Ready to face and endure danger or pain versus lacking courage
Bright Dull Giving out or reflecting a lot of light versus not bright or shiny
Bring Take To carry, convey, or lead versus to move or go with something
Build Destroy To construct or erect versus to ruin or put an end to
Buy Sell To acquire something in exchange for money versus to give something in exchange for money
Calm Stormy Not showing or feeling nervousness, anger, or other strong emotions versus characterized by strong emotions and turbulence
Capture Release To take into one’s possession or control versus to set free or allow to escape
Careful Careless Making sure to avoid potential danger, mishap, or harm versus not giving sufficient attention to avoid harm or error
Catch Release To intercept and hold versus to set free or allow to escape
Cease Continue To come to an end versus to persist in an activity or process
Cheap Expensive Low in price or cost versus costing a lot of money
Clear Unclear Easy to perceive, understand, or interpret versus not clear or easy to understand
Clockwise Anticlockwise In the same direction as the hands of a clock versus in the opposite direction to the hands of a clock
Close Open Only a short distance away or apart versus allowing access, passage, or view
Cold Hot Of or at a low temperature versus of or at a high temperature
Come Go To move or travel towards versus to move or travel away from
Comfort Discomfort A state of physical ease or freedom from pain or constraint versus a lack of physical ease or freedom from pain or constraint
Common Rare Occurring, found, or done often versus not occurring very often
Complete Incomplete Having all the necessary or appropriate parts versus not having all the necessary or appropriate parts
Conquer Surrender To overcome and take control versus to yield to an opponent or powerful influence
Construct Demolish To build or erect versus to pull or knock down
Contract Expand A written or spoken agreement versus to become or make larger or more extensive
Correct Incorrect Free from error versus containing mistakes or errors
Courage Cowardice The ability to do something that frightens one versus a lack of bravery
Create Destroy To bring something into existence versus to put an end to something
Crooked Straight Bent or twisted out of shape versus having no bends, curves, or angles
Cruel Kind Willfully causing pain or suffering to others versus having or showing a gentle nature and a desire to help others
Cry Laugh To shed tears versus to make the spontaneous sounds and movements of the face and body that are the instinctive expressions of lively amusement and sometimes also of contempt or derision
Damp Dry Slightly wet versus free from moisture or liquid
Dark Light With little or no light versus with a lot of light
Day Night The time between sunrise and sunset versus the time between sunset and sunrise
Deep Shallow Extending far down from the top or surface versus of little depth
Defeat Victory To win a victory in a battle or other contest versus an act of defeating an enemy or opponent in a battle, game, or other competition
Defend Attack To protect from harm or danger versus to aggressively challenge or confront
Delighted Disappointed Feeling or showing great pleasure versus feeling sad or displeased because someone or something has failed to fulfill one’s hopes or expectations
Depart Arrive To leave, especially in order to start a journey versus to reach a destination
Descend Ascend To move or fall downward versus to go up or climb
Destructive Constructive Causing great and irreparable harm or damage versus serving a useful purpose
Die Live To stop living versus to remain alive
Difficult Easy Needing much effort or skill to accomplish, deal with, or understand versus achieved without great effort or presenting few difficulties
Dirty Clean Covered or marked with an unclean substance versus free from dirt, marks, or stains
Distant Close Far away in space or time versus at a short distance away
Dull Sharp Lacking interest or excitement versus having an edge or point that is able to cut or pierce something
Early Late At or near the beginning of a period of time or course of events versus after the expected, proper, or usual time
East West The direction towards the point of the horizon where the sun rises versus the direction towards the point of the horizon where the sun sets
Empty Full Containing nothing versus containing or holding as much or as many as possible
End Start The final part of something versus the beginning of something
Enemy Friend A person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something versus a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection
Enjoy Suffer To take delight or pleasure in versus to experience or be subjected to something bad or unpleasant
Enter Exit To come or go into versus to go out of or leave
Even Odd Flat and smooth or level versus not divisible by two
Excellent Poor Extremely good or outstanding versus of a low or inferior standard or quality
Excite Calm To arouse strong feelings in someone versus to make someone or something become quiet or peaceful
Expand Contract To become or make larger or more extensive versus a written or spoken agreement
External Internal Belonging to or forming the outer surface or structure of something versus of or situated on the inside
Fail Succeed To be unsuccessful in achieving one’s goal versus to accomplish one’s purpose or aim
Fake Real Not genuine or authentic versus actually existing or happening
Fast Slow Moving or capable of moving at high speed versus moving or operating, or designed to do so, only at a low speed
Fat Thin Having a large amount of excess flesh versus having little flesh or fat on the body
Father Mother A male parent versus a female parent
Few Many Not many versus a large number of
Find Lose To discover or perceive by chance or unexpectedly versus to be unable to find something or someone
Finish Start To bring something to an end versus to begin or set out on a journey
First Last Coming before all others in time or order versus coming after all others in time or order
Float Sink To rest or move on or near the surface of a liquid without sinking versus going down below the surface of water, mud, etc.
Focused Distracted Giving attention to one particular thing versus being unable to concentrate because one’s mind is preoccupied
Fold Unfold To bend something over itself versus to open or spread out from a folded position
Follow Lead To come or go after or behind someone or something versus to cause a person or animal to go with one by holding them by the hand, a halter, a rope, etc.
Foreign Domestic Of, from, in, or characteristic of a country or language other than one’s own versus of or relating to one’s own country or a particular country
Forget Remember To be unable to remember versus to have a memory of something
Forward Backward Towards the front versus towards the back
Fresh Stale Recently made or obtained versus no longer fresh and pleasant to eat
Full Empty Containing or holding as much or as many as possible versus containing nothing

300 Opposite Words List

A comprehensive list of 300 opposite words from A to Z is a valuable exercise for expanding one’s vocabulary and understanding of language dynamics. Here is a collection of opposite words arranged alphabetically for easy reference and study:

Opposite Words Start with A

  1. Absent – Present
  2. Above – Below
  3. Accept – Reject
  4. Accurate – Inaccurate
  5. Achieve – Fail
  6. Add – Subtract
  7. Admit – Deny
  8. Adult – Child
  9. Advance – Retreat
  10. Afraid – Brave
  11. Learn More… Opposites That Start With A

1000 Opposite Words Complete PDF

Opposite Words Start with B

  1. Back – Front
  2. Bad – Good
  3. Beautiful – Ugly
  4. Begin – End
  5. Best – Worst
  6. Better – Worse
  7. Big – Small
  8. Bitter – Sweet
  9. Black – White
  10. Borrow – Lend
  11. Learn More… Opposites That Start With B

Opposite Words Start with C

  1. Careful – Careless
  2. Cease – Continue
  3. Cheap – Expensive
  4. Clear – Unclear
  5. Cold – Hot
  6. Come – Go
  7. Conquer – Surrender
  8. Construct – Demolish
  9. Correct – Incorrect
  10. Courage – Cowardice

Opposite Words Start with D

  1. Day – Night
  2. Deep – Shallow
  3. Defeat – Victory
  4. Defend – Attack
  5. Delicious – Disgusting
  6. Depart – Arrive
  7. Destructive – Constructive
  8. Dirty – Clean
  9. Dull – Sharp
  10. Dusk – Dawn

Opposite Words Start with E

  1. Early – Late
  2. Easy – Difficult
  3. Empty – Full
  4. End – Start
  5. Enemy – Friend
  6. Enjoy – Suffer
  7. Enter – Exit
  8. Expand – Contract
  9. External – Internal
  10. Extreme – Moderate

Opposite Words Start with F

  1. Fake – Real
  2. Far – Near
  3. Fast – Slow
  4. Fat – Thin
  5. Few – Many
  6. Find – Lose
  7. Finish – Start
  8. Float – Sink
  9. Follow – Lead
  10. Foreign – Domestic

Opposite Words Start with G

  1. Generous – Stingy
  2. Gentle – Harsh
  3. Give – Take
  4. Global – Local
  5. Good – Bad
  6. Grow – Shrink

Opposite Words Start with H

  1. Happy – Sad
  2. Hard – Soft
  3. Healthy – Unhealthy
  4. Heavy – Light
  5. High – Low
  6. Honest – Dishonest

1000 Opposite Words Complete PDF

Opposite Words Start with I

  1. Important – Insignificant
  2. Increase – Decrease
  3. Inside – Outside
  4. Introduce – Withdraw
  5. Invite – Repel
  6. Invisible – Visible

Opposite Words Start with J

  1. Joy – Sorrow
  2. Join – Separate
  3. Junior – Senior

Opposite Words Start with K

  1. Keep – Release
  2. Kind – Cruel
  3. King – Commoner

Opposite Words Start with L

  1. Land – Sea
  2. Large – Small
  3. Last – First
  4. Late – Early
  5. Laugh – Cry
  6. Lazy – Industrious
  7. Lead – Follow
  8. Left – Right
  9. Less – More
  10. Light – Dark

Opposite Words Start with M

  1. Major – Minor
  2. Many – Few
  3. Maximize – Minimize
  4. Meek – Bold
  5. Modern – Ancient
  6. Morning – Evening

Opposite Words Start with N

  1. Narrow – Wide
  2. Natural – Artificial
  3. Near – Far
  4. New – Old
  5. Night – Day
  6. Noisy – Quiet
  7. North – South

Opposite Words Start with O

  1. Obey – Defy
  2. Objective – Subjective
  3. Odd – Even
  4. Off – On
  5. Open – Close
  6. Optimistic – Pessimistic

1000 Opposite Words Complete PDF

Opposite Words Start with P

  1. Part – Whole
  2. Past – Future
  3. Patient – Impatient
  4. Peace – War
  5. Permanent – Temporary
  6. Pleasure – Pain
  7. Plenty – Scarcity
  8. Positive – Negative
  9. Possible – Impossible
  10. Practical – Impractical

Opposite Words Start with Q

  1. Quality – Quantity
  2. Question – Answer
  3. Quick – Slow
  4. Quiet – Noisy

Opposite Words Start with R

  1. Raise – Lower
  2. Random – Specific
  3. Rare – Common
  4. Real – Fake
  5. Regular – Irregular
  6. Remember – Forget
  7. Rich – Poor
  8. Right – Wrong

Opposite Words Start with S

  1. Same – Different
  2. Save – Spend
  3. Scatter – Collect
  4. Shallow – Deep
  5. Sharp – Dull
  6. Short – Tall
  7. Shrink – Grow
  8. Simple – Complex
  9. Single – Married
  10. Sincere – Insincere
  11. Sink – Float
  12. Skinny – Fat
  13. Smart – Stupid
  14. Smooth – Rough
  15. Sober – Drunk
  16. Soft – Hard
  17. Start – Finish
  18. Strong – Weak
  19. Succeed – Fail
  20. Summer – Winter
  21. Sweet – Sour

100 Opposite Words in English

Opposite Words Start with T

  1. Take – Give
  2. Tall – Short
  3. Teach – Learn
  4. Temporary – Permanent
  5. Terrible – Wonderful
  6. Thick – Thin
  7. Tight – Loose
  8. Top – Bottom
  9. True – False
  10. Truth – Lie

Opposite Words Start with U

  1. Under – Over
  2. Unique – Common
  3. Up – Down
  4. Urban – Rural

Opposite Words Start with V

  1. Valuable – Worthless
  2. Vertical – Horizontal
  3. Victory – Defeat
  4. Visible – Invisible
  5. Virtue – Vice

Opposite Words Start with W

  1. Wake – Sleep
  2. War – Peace
  3. Warm – Cold
  4. Weak – Strong
  5. Wet – Dry
  6. White – Black
  7. Wide – Narrow
  8. Win – Lose
  9. Wise – Foolish
  10. With – Without

Opposite Words Start with Y

  1. Yes – No
  2. Young – Old

Opposite Words Start with Z

  1. Zenith – Nadir

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300 Opposite Words in English | Images

300 Opposite Words in English with Meanings | Antonyms Words

300 Opposite Words in English with Meanings

300 Opposite Words in English with Meanings | Antonyms Words

300 Antonyms Words

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