English Sentences

Short Sentences | 100+ Short Sentences in English

Short Sentences | 100+ Short Sentences in English
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Hi! In this lesson, we are going to learn 100+ short sentences in English. These sentences are going to strengthen your daily conversation and communication skills. Practice these sentences with your friends.

Short Sentences for Kids

The below-listed sentences contain all types of sentences; you can use them in any situation:

  1. How are you?
  2. I don’t know.
  3. Call me back.
  4. Thanks a lot.
  5. I have no idea.
  6. No thanks; I am okay.
  7. How’s it going?
  8. Have a good trip.
  9. Don’t worry.
  10. How old are you?
  11. It’s ok.
  12. I am busy.
  13. I am sorry.
  14. Be careful.
  15. It was really good!
  16. Stop kidding.
  17. It was nice to meet you.
  18. I agree.
  19. See you.
  20. God bless you.
  21. I do not understand.
  22. It takes time.
  23. What is your name?
  24. How do you feel about it?
  25. I am not sure.
  26. You inspire me.
  27. Are you there?
  28. What’s for lunch today?
  29. I need a little help.
  30. Nice to see you again.
  31. I am afraid you are right.
  32. Can I ask you something?
  33. I feel much better.
  34. Gland to meet you.
  35. Have a good trip.
  36. Everything is fine.
  37. You are everything to me.
  38. How dare you say that!
  39. Keep it there.
  40. I am very grateful to you.
  41. You are everything to me.
  42. I have no idea.
  43. How was your weekend?
  44. I am happy about this.
  45. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  46. You are wasting my time.
  47. I appreciate it.
  48. Nothing special.
  49. You do it yourself.
  50. Please help yourself.
  51. Please say something.
  52. You are so lucky.
  53. Have a nice day!
  54. Keeps it under wraps.
  55. Can I come tomorrow?
  56. I haven’t told anyone.
  57. Tell me how it works.
  58. It was nice to talk with you.
  59. Talk to you later.
  60. Thank you for inviting us.
  61. Allow me to introduce myself.
  62. It’s taking time.
  63. You are beautiful.
  64. Choose whatever you want.
  65. Don’t be afraid.
  66. Where do you want to go?
  67. I am not sure yet.
  68. I am well.
  69. As soon as possible.
  70. That’s fine.
  71. You are so adorable.
  72. It’s none of my business.
  73. I feel much better.
  74. It is none of your business.
  75. How’s your family?
  76. No thanks, I am ok.
  77. It’s very thoughtful for you.
  78. Don’t make noise.
  79. Listen to your elders.
  80. It is not true.
  81. Sorry, I didn’t catch that.
  82. What is happening here?
  83. Please say something.
  84. Hope to see you next time.
  85. I am slightly hungry.
  86. I don’t like it.
  87. No, not at all.
  88. What’s the matter?
  89. Don’t be so excited.
  90. Have some patience.
  91. I am very pleased to meet you.
  92. Well done! Keep it up!
  93. This is not a joke.
  94. I am very familiar with him.
  95. I shall welcome the guest.
  96. Stay within your limits.
  97. Think as you like.
  98. Wait for your turn.
  99. May I go out, please?
  100. Can you explain that again?

Short Sentences | Images

Short Sentences | 100+ Short Sentences in English

100+ Short Sentences in English

Short Sentences | 100+ Short Sentences in English

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I hope you found these short sentences useful. Remember that short sentences might help you write more clearly and effectively. So, whether you’re writing an essay, an email, or a social media post, keep it clear and to the point. With practice, you’ll become a master of simplicity, effectively capturing your audience. Continue writing.

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