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100 English Sentences for Kids | Basic English Sentences

100 English Sentences for Kids | Basic English Sentences
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Here, we will learn the most important and useful English sentences for kids that we can use anywhere. These sentences will help you learn the English language with your kids. So, fasten your seat belts! We are going to learn the constructive English conversation sentences for kids:

Simple Sentences for Kids

  1. There is no way to go outside.
  2. Where is the duster?
  3. How dare you say that!
  4. Wash your hands.
  5. Whose kid is this?
  6. What is going on?
  7. Who is your favorite teacher?
  8. Respect your elders and teachers.
  9. Put your books down.
  10. Where is your friend?
  11. Don’t be late for the class.
  12. It is not true.
  13. Go and sleep on your bed.
  14. Close the window.
  15. Switch off the fan.
  16. Where are my clothes?
  17. Move forward in the crowd.
  18. Look at the sky.
  19. The moon is shining.
  20. Nobody will go out in the darkness.
  21. Would you like to be my friend?
  22. You may fall.
  23. You have to be calm down.
  24. I borrowed a book from the library.
  25. Go and attend the class.
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  27. She is looking towards the car.
  28. This period is boring.
  29. Bring the attendance register.
  30. We are not going anywhere.
  31. Stop staring at him.
  32. The homework is very easy.
  33. Which period is going on?
  34. She is not completing her assignment.
  35. Get up early in the morning.
  36. Come inside and sit here.
  37. Be aware; that you may fall asleep.
  38. I left my tiffin box at home.
  39. What is your favorite subject?
  40. I come to school by bus.
  41. Would you please pack your bag properly?
  42. I am writing an essay.
  43. Please give me a piece of paper.
  44. She is disturbing me.
  45. I have hung your shirt here.
  46. Fill in the blanks properly.
  47. We have to write all the answers.
  48. Do you want to be successful?
  49. Listen to your elders.
  50. Put all the necessary books in a bag.
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  52. Students clean the school grounds.
  53. Stop irritating him.
  54. Don’t make noise.
  55. Stop talking in the classroom.
  56. I want to play with my friends.
  57. We will get ten days of Christmas holidays.
  58. I am getting late for school.
  59. My father always drops me off at school.
  60. The last year of school was fantastic.
  61. My friend is absent today.
  62. Have you learned good lessons?
  63. Clean the blackboard.
  64. What is the strength of this classroom?
  65. Tomorrow will be a holiday.
  66. What’s the homework for today?
  67. Where are my shoes?
  68. You are right.
  69. Where is the answer sheet?
  70. Cut your hair and nails.
  71. You don’t deserve this place.
  72. Bind the shoelaces.
  73. The bird is sitting on the branch.
  74. Keep this a secret.
  75. Shut the door, please.
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  77. Go straight, then take the first left.
  78. What is troubling you?
  79. Drive the bicycle.
  80. Come closer to me.
  81. She was bathing her kids.
  82. We are ready to come.
  83. The principal is going to announce something.
  84. Our class teacher is very good at teaching.
  85. Everyone loves to sing in the classroom.
  86. Where is my book?
  87. Complete your breakfast.
  88. Think about yourself.
  89. I am not going anywhere.
  90. He is playing all day.
  91. She is not listening to me.
  92. We are going to the principal’s cabin.
  93. My father is a businessman.
  94. His brother is coming to his school.
  95. Let’s finish the task on time.
  96. How long will you stay there?
  97. Mark my words.
  98. I want to help you.
  99. She is coming tomorrow.
  100. My mother is feeling down today.
  101. We have to help that old man.
  102. I cannot understand.
  103. I am going to play cricket with my friends.

100 English Sentences for Kids Images

100 English Sentences for Kids | Basic English Sentences

Daily Use Basic English Sentences for Kids

100 English Sentences for Kids | Basic English Sentences

100 Simple English Sentences for Kids

100 English Sentences for Kids | Basic English Sentences

Daily Use English Sentences for Child


Finally, these 100 simple sentences in English are fantastic for kids who want to learn and use them in their daily lives. They are simple and easy to memorize, therefore the kids can develop strong language skills. Teachers and parents can make learning fun by integrating these sentences into everyday routines. Practice makes perfect, so the children should use these sentences in daily conversations to improve their English. English learning can be a thrilling and enriching process, and these sentences are just the beginning!

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