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100 Colors Name in English with Images | A to Z Colors Name

100 Colors Name in English with Images | A to Z Colors Name
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A to Z Colors Name! Learn 100 A to Z colors name in English with images. In this lesson, we are going to clear the issue of identifying the exact name of the color in English. Here, we have provided the easiest method to memorize the name of Colors in English through their images.


Color in English refers to the visual perception of different wavelengths of light, which our brains interpret as different hues. In English, color is spelled with the letters “c-o-l-o-r.” Color can be used to describe the appearance of objects or to express emotions and moods. In addition to basic colors such as red, blue, and green, English has many descriptive terms for colors, such as “vibrant,” “pastel,” “earthy,” and “neon,” among others. Color is an important aspect of human experience and is used in art, fashion, design, and many other areas of daily life.

How to Identify the Name of Color

To identify the name of a color, you can follow these steps:

  1. Look at the color carefully and try to determine its hue. Hue is the basic color of the object, such as red, blue, green, or yellow.
  2. If the color is a shade (a darker version of a hue), determine its underlying hue. For example, dark blue is still blue.
  3. If the color is a tint (a lighter version of a hue), determine its underlying hue. For example, light pink is still pink.
  4. Use a color chart or color wheel to compare the color to standard colors and find the closest match. This can help you determine the specific name of the color, such as sky blue, forest green, or lavender.
  5. If you cannot find an exact match, use descriptive words to convey the color’s characteristics, such as “deep” “bright” or “pastel”.
  6. Keep in mind that some colors may be subjective and can be interpreted differently by different people.

Colors and Their Shades Name in English

Here are some common colors and their shades in English:

  1. Red: Scarlet, Crimson, Burgundy, Maroon
  2. Orange: Apricot, Tangerine, Peach, Burnt Orange
  3. Yellow: Lemon, Canary, Golden, Mustard
  4. Green: Lime, Olive, Emerald, Sage
  5. Blue: Navy, Cobalt, Sky, Azure
  6. Purple: Lavender, Lilac, Plum, Violet
  7. Pink: Rose, Fuchsia, Salmon, Bubblegum
  8. Brown: Tan, Chocolate, Mahogany, Auburn
  9. Gray: Ash, Charcoal, Slate, Silver
  10. Black: Jet, Ebony, Onyx, Coal
  11. White: Ivory, Pearl, Snow, Cream

Note: There are many more shades for each color, and some colors can have multiple shades with different names depending on the context and perception.

Colors Name in English

  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Blue
  6. Purple
  7. Pink
  8. Brown
  9. Black
  10. White
  11. Gray/Grey
  12. Silver
  13. Gold

The above 13 listed names of Colors are the main colors that we used in our daily life. But here, we are going to learn a list of Huge listed 100 A to Z Colors names in English with their images.

A to Z Colors Name in English:

1. Alice blue

2. Antique white

3. Aqua

4. Aquamarine

5. Azure

6. Beige

7. Bisque

8. Black

9. Blanched almond

10. Blue

11. Blue violet

12. Brown

13. Burlywood

14. Cadet blue

15. Chartreuse

16. Chocolate

17. Coral

18. Cornflower blue

19. Corn silk

20. Crimson

21. Cyan

22. Dark blue

23. Dark cyan

24. Dark goldenrod

25. Dark gray

26. Dark green

27. Dark khaki

28. Dark magenta

29. Dark olive green

30. Dark orange

31. Dark orchid

32. Dark red

33. Dark salmon

34. Dark shagreen

35. Dark slate blue

36. Dark slate gray

37. Dark turquoise

38. Dark violet

39. Deep pink

40. Deep sky blue

41. Dim gray

42. Dodgerblue

43. Firebrick

44. Floral white

45. Forest green

46. Fuchsia

47. Gainesboro

48. Ghost white

49. Gold

50. Goldenrod

51. Gray

52. Green

53. Green Yellow

54. Honeydew

55. Hot pink

56. Indian red

57. Indigo

58. Ivory

59. Khaki

60. Lavender

61. Lavender blush

62. Lawn green

63. Lemon chiffon

64. Light blue

65. Light coral

66. Light cyan

67. Light goldenrod yellow

68. Light green

69. Light grey

70. Light pink

71. Light salmon

72. Light sea green

73. Light sky blue

74. Light slate gray

75. Light steel blue

76. Light yellow

77. Lime

78. Lime green

79. Linen

80. Magenta

81. Maroon

82. Medium aquamarine

83. Medium Blue

84. Medium orchid

85. Medium purple

86. Medium sea green

87. Medium slate blue

88. Medium spring green

89. Medium turquoise

90. Medium violet red

91. Midnight blue

92. Mint cream

93. Misty rose

94. Moccasin

95. Navajo white

96. Navy

97. Old lace

98. Olive drab

99. Orange

100. Orange red

100 Colors Name in English | Images

100 Colors Name in English with Images | A to Z Colors Name

100 Colors Name in English with Images

100 Colors Name in English with Images | A to Z Colors Name

A to Z Colors Name

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